The CCBA Pioneers Award is presented annually to an individual who has taken the lead in improving access to postsecondary education. The award’s name recognizes that such leadership required the same bravery and tenacity exhibited by early settlers in the United States, Canada and in many other countries.

2019 Dr. Shirley Reed

2018 Dr. Malcolm Grothe

2017 Constance Carroll

2016 Debra Bragg

2015 Al Lorenzo

2014 Senator Marty Block

2013 Dr. Jill Wakefield

2012 Bruce MacKenzie

2011 Belle Wheelan

2010 Will Holcombe

2009 Beth Hagan

2008 Dahlia Repole

2007 Linda Thor

2006 Karl M. Kuttler, Jr. and Senator Don Sullivan

2005 Kenneth P. Walker

2004 Jim Wright

2003 Ronald K. Remington