Why Obtain a Baccalaureate Degree at a U.S. Community College?

Students from countries outside of North America are increasingly turning to United States community colleges to pursue their baccalaureate (four year) degrees. The reasons for this trend include:

  • Tuition at community colleges, even out-of-state tuition for non-residents, is significantly less than traditional four year colleges and universities.
  • The community college baccalaureate programs share the same accreditation process as other colleges and universities. They are eligible for acceptance to Graduate level education.
  • There are flexible English Proficiency Requirements and assistance in improving English language skills.
  • The programs are geographically dispersed and varied in subject matter. (Click here to view four-year degrees offered at community colleges.)
  • They provide an affordable way to experience U.S. culture.
  • Class sizes are smaller.

Hear What One International Student Says About The Community College Baccalaureate Program

International Student

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