The CCBA is proud to announce it has been awarded grant funding from The Joyce Foundation.

Like the CCBA, The Joyce Foundation (a nonpartisan private foundation) invests in and supports public policies and strategies designed to advance racial equity and economic mobility through convenient, affordable access to high quality education and jobs. This strategic alliance will allow the CCBA to enhance its reach, assist states developing community college baccalaureate programs and more widely disseminate best practices.

To learn more about The Joyce Foundation and its mission, visit:
The Community College Baccalaureate Association (CCBA) strives to promote better access to the baccalaureate degree on community college campuses, and to serve as a resource for information on various models for accomplishing this purpose.

The CCBA attempts to gather all published articles and legislation dealing with the community college baccalaureate degree. We also solicit copies of unpublished materials related to this topic. We host an annual conference to share information and develop ways to promote the community college baccalaureate degree to governors, state legislatures, national policy boards, and other appropriate persons and organizations.

The baccalaureate degree is an important entry requirement for the better jobs and a better lifestyle. Therefore, every person should have an opportunity to pursue the baccalaureate degree at a place that is convenient, accessible and affordable.
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