Foundation Partners

CCBA Foundation Partners are organizations with missions and goals that closely align with that of the CCBA and who support the work of the CCBA through grants, gifts, project and conference support.

The CCBA is proud to partner with world-renowned foundations that invest in organizations and strategies that advance higher education, racial equity and economic mobility for the next generation.

Community College Baccalaureate Association

Foundation Partners, The Joyce Foundation (a nonpartisan private foundation), like the CCBA invests in and supports public policies and strategies designed to advance racial equity and economic mobility through convenient, affordable access to high quality education and jobs. This strategic alliance will allow the CCBA to enhance its reach, assist states developing community college baccalaureate programs and more widely disseminate best practices.

To learn more about The Joyce Foundation and its mission visit:

Community College Baccalaureate Association

Foundation Partners, the Lumina Foundation, an independent, private foundation is committed to making opportunities for learning beyond high school available to all. The CCBA extends a special thank you to the Lumina Foundation for its generous sponsorship which provides critical support for the organization’s annual conference.

To learn more about Lumina Foundation and its mission, visit: