Membership Benefits

The Community College Baccalaureate Association offers institutional memberships to community colleges, partner universities, associations and aligned foundations and corporate sponsors. CCBA members are part of the national movement to provide all students the opportunity to obtain a baccalaureate degree in a workforce-focused career field.  Members are granted exclusive access to research data, publications, promising practices, state legislation guidance and experienced consultants that advise institutions as they advocate for, develop, and/or implement their community college baccalaureate programs.

Join your colleagues to take advantage of these valuable CCBA benefits:

CCBA membership includes exclusive access – for all employees in each institution – to a robust menu of member resources featuring practical data, strategies, and tools they can implement immediately to create sound admissions and recruitment practices, design workforce-driven curriculum, and prioritize degree attainment for all students including:

  • A collection of Promising Practices to Advance Quality, Equity, and Success in Community College Baccalaureate Degree Programs, including proven solutions for making innovative, workforce-focused CCB programs succeed.
  • The first and only national inventory of CCB programs, to connect with colleagues around the country who have experience in designing and implementing successful CCB programs.
  • Access to practical strategies, tools and current data for building labor market cases and curriculum development.
  • Regular CCBA communications to remain current with national CCB news and trends.
  • Discounted invitations to our annual national conference (CCBA 2025 in Austin, TX, Feb. 5-7), for interactive learning and networking with the nation’s top CCB practitioners.
  • Free webinars that offer professional development, guidance and proven solutions.
  • Support from the nation’s leading CCB experts and researchers.
  • Tuition and/or scholarship incentives for CCB graduates, faculty and staff from our University Partnersand
  • Access to our Corporate Partners who provide services and tools your college can utilize during all phases of the CCB journey.

Have Questions about CCBA Membership?

CCBA’s Project Director,  Dr. Cheryl Cicotti, is happy to connect with you about CCBA membership.

Reach her directly at or by calling (407) 616-0388 to learn more about how the CCBA can serve your college