2021 CCBA Virtual Conference 

Conference Date: March 16 – 24, 2021

Theme: Pathways to Equity 


Presentation Proposal Guidelines & Submission Form

Deadline for Submissions: February 14, 2021


The Community College Baccalaureate Association (CCBA) welcomes presentation proposals for the annual CCBA International Conference. Successful proposals will highlight how community college baccalaureate degrees impact the local/regional/national community including successes in developing programming and/or the challenges community colleges face when establishing CCBs that are designed as a means of closing the nation’s racial, ethnic and economic gaps.

Major initiatives related to social justice, equity, and opportunity-for-all are of most importance to our country and therefore higher education. Community Colleges and their partners play a critical role in helping our country address these challenges and led us to the conference theme: “Pathways to Equity.”

Conference presentations should be approximately 40 minutes in length including 10 minutes for Q&A and/or audience engagement and feature innovative ways community colleges, faculty, and staff have designed and implemented baccalaureate programs and pathways to promote equity in their community and beyond. 

All proposals submitted by the deadline will be considered. 

Proposals should highlight: 

  • Practices that Impact Outcomes
    • Closing Racial, Ethnic and Economic Gaps
    • Enrollment and Retention
    • Graduation/Attainment Rates
    • Placements
    • Salary Increases
    • Advanced Study
    • Regional, State, and National Data
    • Demographic Data
  • Responding and Partnering with Your Community and Industries
    • Working with college partners, the community, and local universities to obtain approval for community colleges conferring baccalaureate degrees
    • Baccalaureate degrees that respond to labor data gaps and regional economic development initiatives
    • Funding new baccalaureate programs
  • Institutional Practices that Move the Needle on Baccalaureate Attainment
    • Changes your institution made to confer baccalaureate degrees
    • Partnerships such as 2+2’s, 3+1’s, Streamlined Pathways, Articulation Agreements/ Regional Agreements/partnerships

Proposal Requirements
The Program Description should include the title and a maximum 100-word description of the presentation. 

The following information is required for all proposals: 

  • Presenter name(s) 
  • Institution(s), 
  • Address(es), 
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Email addresses for each presenter
  • Format: Panel Discussion, Presentation with slides, etc.
  • Plans for attendee engagement such as Q & A, polls, breakout rooms, use of chat etc.

Presenters are encouraged to upload their bio, headshot, and/or presentation slides with their proposal submission. 

Presenter Agreement

Registration: Presenters must be registered for the conference.

Publicity: Publicity for the conference shall be achieved by efforts of both the organizer (CCBA) and the speaker as follows:

  • CCBA requests that each presenter post to his/her social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)  at least once prior to the event, once during, and once post-event. Presenters requiring assistance should contact Shelley Ouellette at shelley@accbd.org.  
  • Promotion to the speaker’s mail or email list as appropriate and mutually agreed.

Speakers shall provide to the organizer any relevant media for their presentations and/or business, such as headshots, photos, logos, and graphics. This media will be used on the conference website, social media produced for the conference, and in emails sent by the organizer in connection with the conference. The speaker shall consent to such publication. The organizer shall not own the copyright to these images.

Recordings: Presenters understand that all event photography stills and video commissioned by the organizer are the property of the organizer and all video footage and photographic stills can be used without compensation to the speaker. The speaker hereby releases and consents to all use of the speaker’s likeness in any form by the organizer for any purpose.

Production: The speaker and organizer will choose a mutually agreeable time slot and will arrive on time for both the digital rehearsal and presentation.  We recommend the speaker have access to a high-quality microphone and be in a silent place at the allotted time during the digital presentation. Any content (PowerPoint decks, videos, audio clips, etc.) that forms part of the presentation will be forwarded to the organizer no later than one week prior to the event.

Force Majeure: In the event of sickness or of an accident to the speaker, or if his or her attendance or performance at the conference is rendered impossible or unfeasible by any act or regulation of any public authority, civil tumult, riot, strike, epidemic, interruption in or undue delay or transportation services, war condition or emergencies, or any cause beyond the control of the speaker, it is agreed that there shall be no claim for damages by either party to this agreement, and the speaker’s obligation as to performance shall be considered waived.

For additional information, 

contact Dr. Angela Kersenbrock at 407-463-2201 or Akersenbrock@accbd.org.